More children hospitalised across Yorkshire area because of drug misuse

Public Health England has released the latest figures on hospital admissions due to substance misuse for those aged 15-24 in the Yorkshire area.

Thursday, 26th March 2020, 8:33 am
Nuno Albuquerque, group treatment lead at addiction firm UKAT

Hospitals had to deal with almost 2,000 admission episodes of kids and young adults between 2016-2018; hundreds more than they faced a decade ago.

Analysis of the statistics by drug addiction treatment experts UKAT reveals that the number of hospital admissions across Yorkshire and the Humber has risen in 10 years from 1,565 in 2008/09-10/11 to 1,755 in 2016/17-18/19, a 12% hike.

Public Health England state that these figures are representative of hospital admissions where the primary diagnosis could be mental and behavioural disorders due to either opioids (such as Heroin), cannabinoids (like THC), sedatives (like alcohol and Xanax), cocaine, hallucinogens (LSD and Ketamine) and psychoactive substances such as Spice.

Nuno Albuquerque, group treatment lead at addiction firm UKAT said: “These figures are extremely concerning, especially because they won’t paint the whole picture.

“There’ll be countless more children and young adults living across Yorkshire misusing drugs without the need for hospitalisation; this report shows the worst outcomes of when kids ‘experiment’ with drugs.

“Given the current coronavirus crisis, society should be doing everything it can to ease the pressure on the NHS at this incredibly difficult time.”

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