‘Humbelievable’ nursing jobs you can apply for in East Yorkshire right now

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust are recruiting for a wide range of nursing roles across East Yorkshire.

Promoted by Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
Thursday, 29th July 2021, 12:13 am
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Your perfect job might be closer than you think.

A job that makes you excited to get out of bed every day. Where you thrive professionally and have great opportunity to develop your skills, and where your close-knit colleagues truly care about you and support your aspirations.

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust says it puts their staff, patients and their families at the heart of all that they do.

When launching their Humbelievable website last year, the Trust wanted to show why they’re the place to be for healthcare professionals from across the region and beyond.

Take the next step in your career to experience the fulfilment that comes with working somewhere that not only meets your needs professionally, but also personally.

Nursing roles you can apply for today in East Yorkshire include:

Humber NHSFT Allied Health Professionals

Community Nurse – Scarborough, Malton and Whitby

Ward Nurse – Malton Community Hospital

School Nurse – Beverley

To see all current nursing vacancies, go to join.humber.nhs.uk/jobs.

Steve McGowan, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, said: “We believe that if you’re looking for a new opportunity, at our Trust you’ll find a role that is right for you. We pride ourselves on jobs that offer the flexibility, opportunities and development you need to succeed. We are committed to supporting staff personally and professionally to build a career that works for you.”

Joining Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, you would be part of the diverse 2800 strong team, based across a patch of Yorkshire that boasts a favourable mix of big cities, rolling countryside and a whole range of different activities and hot spots to explore.

Rated as Good by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the Trust offers a wide range of services for people of all ages, including community, mental health, learning disability, healthy lifestyle and addictions services.

Other roles on offer in Bridlington and beyond include GP, social care, mental health, a wide range of medical, administrative and allied health professionals, and apprenticeships.

Michele Moran, Chief Executive, said: “Across our wide range of specialities and expertise we are connected through our commitment to one thing – delivering outstanding care. We need people like you to help us continue to change lives.”

Find out more about the Trust and their Nursing opportunities, here join.humber.nhs.uk/our-roles/nursing.