Health services info event held at the Spa

The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust is hosting an all-day event filled with stands, workshops, demonstrations, and talks from health and social care professionals at The Bridlington Spa.

Thursday, 12th March 2020, 1:00 pm
The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust day will be held at the Spa.

The event, On Friday, March 27, is designed to entice residents to find out more about the variety of health, social care and wellbeing services are on offer to those living in the Bridlington area.

It is held at encourage those who want to find out more about what services are available in the town; from mental health services to community nursing, general practice and social care, to voluntary services and third sector services which support positive wellbeing within the town.

The day also presents the fantastic opportunity to get a free health check, partake in demonstrations on blood pressure and find out what local pharmacies can support you with in the future.

Natalie Belt, chair at Bridlington Partnership Board, said: “The event is an opportunity to focus on the services and opportunities Bridlington has to offer for the population.

“There’s a large focus on ensuring that residents are fully aware of how to best self-care and manage their own wellbeing or that of a loved one or family member.

“In Bridlington, we go much further than just GP advice; we have hundreds of services that can support our residents.

“We truly believe that when people have the opportunity to use tailored services for their needs, and know exactly how to access those services, this will ultimately support an improved self-care agenda.”