Fund set up in memory of village doctor

Dr Alan Sykes
Dr Alan Sykes

The family of a hugely popular village GP who died last month are hoping to raise thousands of pounds to help to save lives in his memory.

An online fund has been set up as a tribute to Dr Alan Sykes, who served Beeford and Leven for more than three decades.

Dr Sykes wanted to see more defibrillators installed in rural locations and his family want to collect £20,000 to buy a number of pieces of equipment for villages in East Yorkshire.

His stepson Jordan Moor said: “One person he had saved suffered a cardiac arrest outside Beeford surgery to which Dr Sykes successfully used a defibrillator and saved his life.

“He was not one for recognition but always looked at how things can be improved and how rural villages did not have public defibrillators in case of an emergency.

“During the sad time of his passing, some of his patients thought it would be a great idea to have a fund-raising event to install public defibrillators for emergencies in case ambulances which have to travel did not make it in time.

“We hope to raise enough money to start putting defibrillators into local villages but with the mindset of continuing to help more money to extend through East Yorkshire and Humberside area.”

“This will also hopefully highlight that airliners do not carry defibrillators as this was Alan’s biggest grievance.”

You can support the campaign by donating at