Elderly woman struck by a cyclist on Sewerby path

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File picture.

A 73-year-old woman has been injured after being struck by a cyclist on a path in Sewerby.

The woman, on holiday from West Yorkshire with her husband and two grandchildren, suffered injuries to her face, hands, chest, pelvis and thigh.

Humberside Police attended the incident, on August 8 at 3pm, and reported that "both the woman and the cyclist suffered minor injuries in the collision."

Her husband, who was walking next to her at the time, said: "This was entirely an avoidable accident.

"The cyclist just rode into her on the edge of the path when there was two metres of clear space on the path to the side of us. I am unclear of the speed he was doing but it certainly wasn't slow judging by the extent of the damage to my wife and his bike.

"I don't believe there was even any attempt to brake prior to impact. There were numerous witnesses who provided information to the event organisers and subsequently the police, all condemning his reckless driving and subsequent cavalier attitude.

"He didn't even have the courtesy to apologies but was very determined to leave the scene before police arrived."

The woman was subsequently taken to Bridlington Hospital after the incident and released the following day.

Talking about the impact of the incident, her husband added: "Until this incident my wife was a very active individual indeed and walked from Sewerby to the far reaches of the south bay on every occasion the tide permitted when we visited Bridlington.

"I fear it will take months not days for her to recover from this incident caused by reckless, thoughtless and reprehensible driving by the cyclist concerned."