Bridlington Health Forum urges new chief executive to visit hospital

Simon Morritt
Simon Morritt

Health campaigners have challenged the new man in charge of Bridlington Hospital to visit the town as soon as possible when he takes up his role.

Last week, Simon Morritt was announced as the incoming chief executive at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, joining from a similar role at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Bridlington Hospital

Bridlington Hospital

Bridlington Health Forum has immediately writted to him, with a list of seven concerns it has about the downgrading of services in the town. They are:

○ Devastation of locally provided NHS services at Bridlington District Hospital

○ Loss and migration of services and outpatient clinics from Bridlington and Scarborough hospitals.

○ Five (of eight) ward closures and the loss of 70% of local inpatient beds at BDH.

○ Impact of the loss of local services on the Bridlington community, travel and the environment.

○ Sustainability of the impact of longer-term care at distant hospitals on carers and family members.

○ An open and candid clarification on the Scarborough Acute Services Review, including A&E.

○ Impact of the absence of a 10-year plan on health-care professional recruitment and resourcing.

In the letter, the forum’s chair Jean Wormwell MBE said: “On behalf of the Bridlington Health Forum, may I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your appointment as chief executive officer.

“We look forward to working closely with you in an open and sharing relationship, re-building confidence between the Bridlington community and York NHS Trust.

“To this end and at your very earliest convenience, I would like to invite you to meet us at Bridlington District Hospital.

“We hope that Sir Greg Knight, our MP, will also be able to join us there.

“We would like you to see - for yourself - our once splendid hospital and to show just how poorly utilised it has recently become.

“Empty wards and outpatient clinics serve as testament to its ongoing decline under York NHS Trust since 2012.”

Sir Greg says he has already invited the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, to visit the hospital at some stage this year, although no date has been scheduled yet.

Mrs Wormwell’s letter adds: “We wish to share a growing raft of concerns over the run-down of the hospital and ongoing erosion of locally provided services with you also.

“We would like to meet with you as soon as is possible please Mr Morritt, providing you with an early insight and framework of local concerns for your consideration. We write to you now, in view of inevitably growing diary commitments, seeking to agree a firm meeting date and look forward to receiving your early reply.”