Brid man starts new counselling service

ABridlington man has set up his own counselling and wellbeing coaching service after dealing with his own disability and mental health challenges.

Tuesday, 10th November 2020, 2:55 pm
Counsellor Allan Clayton has expertise in men’s mental health.

Allan Clayton, 39, from Bridlington, was involved in a serious car crash at the age of 17. Given just 5% chance of using his limbs, he defied the odds and learned to walk again.

He was hailed as a miracle but left to deal with his long-term disability he went on to suffer with anxiety and depression in his twenties.

Mr Clayton managed to overcome his mental health issues, retrained and is now a qualified counsellor.

He deals with any issues people come to him with but specialises in men’s mental health and people living with disability or chronic disease.

Mr Clayton has had to move his clients to online one to one sessions as a result of the new lockdown measures but says the response to changes have been positive.

He said: “Living with disability can really take its toll.

“Even years down the line, it’s often hard to get people to understand and deal with the emotions yourself.

“I’m keen to help people and especially now when life is so difficult for us all with the covid pandemic.

“I think most of us are now used to the virtual calls so my existing clients are embracing a new way to see me. Men are particularly a group who are not used to talking therapies but for some reason they feel more confident using technology to access my services.”

Email [email protected] or visit for more details about the service.