Tough new measures could be introduced to solve parking problem outside schools in East Riding

Councillors agreed to investigate what additional measures could be introduced
Councillors agreed to investigate what additional measures could be introduced

Tough new measures governing excessive parking outside schools will be considered by East Riding councillors.

The move comes after concerns were raised that parent parking at some schools during the peak drop-off and pick-up times was creating a serious safety risk to children.

At Wednesday’s full council meeting, members agreed to investigate what additional measures could be introduced.

Cllr Mike Stathers, Portfolio Holder for Enhancing Communities, said: “Councillors accept that some schools in the East Riding are badly affected by parking, especially at drop-off and pick-up times and few would argue that new, tougher measures should be considered in the worst areas.”

However, some councillors questioned a move by the Liberal Democrat Opposition to impose Public Space Protection Orders on affected school zones.

“However, the Opposition’s suggestion that we consider imposing PSPOs on certain schools did not attract all-round support.”

Cllr Stathers went on to explain about Public Space Protection Orders in East Riding: “These orders were introduced a few years ago primarily to replace dog control orders and no-drinking zones to tackle anti-social behaviour. We don’t see parking outside schools as anti-social behaviour, but we do recognise this is a major problem in some areas.”

For current orders if a person enters an area to which access is prohibited or restricted by a Public Spaces Protection Order, they can receive a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice, or upon summary conviction, a fine of up to £1,000.

The Conservative Group agreed have referred the parking matter to the Council’s Scrutiny Committee.

“The matter has been referred to the Council’s Scrutiny Committee to investigate what tougher actions could be applied and at the same time engage with all parties, identify those schools that are affected, talk to teachers and parents and then ask our traffic and road safety teams to take appropriate action.

“The safety of our children and all road users is our number one priority and we need to work closely with school management teams, parents and all road safety agencies to identify the high risk areas and deal with them.”

“If necessary, in extreme cases where parent parking is perceived to be causing a road safety risk, we will not hesitate to recommend immediate action.”