Quay Academy’s new chapter on literacy as it looks to boost pupils following lockdown

Quay Academy, part of the David Ross Education Trust, has highlighted the successes of its renewed focus on literacy following the lockdown.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 9:36 am
Principal at Quay Academy Caroline Broadhead.
Principal at Quay Academy Caroline Broadhead.

The school has focused on placing reading at the very heart of its curriculum, and so raise the profile of literacy for pupils, staff and parents.

To make this happen, school leaders have organised twice-weekly ‘reading for pleasure’ sessions for each class. Pupils are able to choose their preferred book for these sessions from a suggested shortlist.

Pupils also spend time each day listening to their class teacher model reading from their classroom novel, helping them develop their vocabulary and ensuring every pupil has an opportunity to watch an adult read. Pupils are also challenged to read for pleasure at home, using specially generated QR codes to log their reading and track their progress.

Caroline Broadhead, principal at Quay Academy said: “Our pupils really understand why developing their reading is so important, and they’ve responded so well to our efforts to focus on reading across the school. Children are encouraged to read for pleasure at school and at home, and are able to develop their reading in a really supportive and nurturing environment.

“When you walk around the school you can see how engaged the children are in their reading for pleasure sessions – it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop! It’s fantastic to see so many pupils really getting an increased appetite for reading and coming to their teachers asking for new recommendations.”