Lost diaries of headteachers unearthed in archives move at Quay Academy

Caroline Broadhead, headteacher at Quay Academy, has recovered a number of long-lost journals surrounding the school’s history.

Tuesday, 30th March 2021, 11:35 am
Checking out the recently discovered documents at Quay Academy.

While relocating the school archive room to a different space, she found a number of old books coated with dust at the back of the room and took a peak inside.

To her amazement she discovered the books were filled with the writings of former headteachers, dating from 1910 to 1998.

The books are filled with beautiful photos, diagrams, old records, and daily diary entries, documenting school life in detail, from normal days through to the World War II air raids.

The books and journals are filled with the writings of former headteachers at the school, dating from 1910 – 1998.

The documents now offer staff and students alike a unique insight into the history of the school, and of the country as a whole.

Having made this discovery, the school’s principal has decided to continue this tradition with a new journal of her own, documenting school life through the Coronavirus pandemic and contributing to the school’s archives herself, preserving the experience as it happens for future generations of headteachers and students.

She said: “I cannot express how special these books are.

“To discover such valuable records of our school’s history is a privilege and it is thrilling to read these accounts and get a sense for what life must have been like at the time the journals were written.

“I now feel it is my responsibility to continue this tradition and document what life has been like for us here at Quay over the last year.

“Certainly, we will find ways to share this history and preserve it for our school and our local community in the years to come.

“I feel truly honoured to be part of this history.”