Army reserves opportunities fair at Catterick Garrison

The 4th Mechanized Brigade will host an Army Reserves Opportunities Fair later this month in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire.

Tuesday, 15th July 2014, 2:41 pm

The aim of the Fair is to support Op FORTIFY by raising awareness of the career opportunities that are available in the Army Reserve to Regular Army Service Leavers.

Although the main focus will be on Army Reserve units based in Northern England and Scotland, all Army Reserve units attending the Opportunities Fair will be able to brief interested Service Leavers on career opportunities available within the Army Reserve across the United Kingdom.

More than 15 Army Reserve units will be present at the Opportunities Fair, representing Combat, Combat Support and Combat Service Support units. A briefing on the transfer to the Army Reserves process will be given by Sgt Paul Hardstaff. Also present to brief the Service Leavers will be two ex-regulars who have recently transferred to the Army Reserve.

The Commander of 4th Mechanized Brigade, Brigadier Charlie Herbert OBE, will open the Opportunities Fair which will take place in the Gymnasium, Gaza Barracks, Catterick Garrison DL9 4AU on Monday 21 July 14.

Brigadier Herbert said “The growth of the Reserves under Army 2020 and their increasing integration with Regular units has created wonderful opportunities for those leaving Regular service. This event will allow those due to leave in the next 12 months with a greater understanding of the opportunities, commitment and transfer process”.

The Opportunities Fair is open to all Service Leavers across the Army. Any personnel serving outside Catterick Garrison who wish to attend the Opportunities Fair should contact Capt Rob Stoddart SO3 G1 HQ 4 Mech Bde on e mail: 4X-G1-SO3 or Mil Tel: 94731 2740.