5: See the seabirds at Bempton

It is one of the finest wildlife reserves in the UK, but if you want to catch a glimpse of the stunning seabirds at Bempton Cliffs, you will have to be quick.

Thursday, 21st August 2014, 2:10 pm
The RSPB reserve at Bempton Cliffs is about to undergo a major redevelopment over the winter.
The RSPB reserve at Bempton Cliffs is about to undergo a major redevelopment over the winter.

The RSPB site closes next week for major renovations, but you still have the Bank Holiday weekend to get a close up look at thousands of birds.

There can be up to 200,000 birds in the area throughout the summer, and the staff there will help you to learn the difference between gannets and guillemots, and will tell you all you need to know about razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmars.

Puffins are often the star attraction and can be found at Bempton between April and July, but there is something to see all year round.

Centre manager Scott Smith said: “Bempton is truly a breathtaking place for the whole family.

“From stunning coastal scenery to one of the best wildlife spectacle in Britain - a fantastic combination for a brilliant day out.”“

Each season brings a different experience at thee reserves. In spring, the air is filled with birdsong as they compete to establish territories and attract a mate.

In summer, visitors can look out for young birds making their first venture into the outside world.

Autumn brings large movements of migrating birds – some heading south to a warmer climate, others seeking refuge in the UK from the cold Arctic winter.

In winter, look out for large flocks of birds gathering to feed, or flying at dusk to form large roosts to keep warm.

The birds are easy to see during breeding season, creating a fantastic seascape and bird spectacle. Only eight seabird species breed at Bempton, so learning to identify birds is simple.

RSPB Bempton Cliffs will be closed from 1 September until 1 April for major redevelopment. Entry is free of charge to RSPB members all year.

There’s a charge for non-members of £5 per car.