Postman Pat delivers a show at Bridlington Spa

Postman pat and his van

Postman pat and his van

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Everyone’s favourite postie is coming to the Spa, Bridlington, on Friday 1 November.

Starring alongside Postman Pat will be favourites Ted Glen, Mrs Goggins, Ajay, Amy and of course Pat’s trusted sidekick Jess, the black and white cat.

It’s the day of the talent show and there is much excitement in Greendale. All the invitations have been delivered and it’s now up to the villagers to come up with something that will get the vote of approval from Sebastian Sly, the famous judge coming to cast his eye over proceedings. Ted Glen has the idea to get the karaoke machine dusted off and fixed up; but when Amy suggests solar panels would be more eco -friendly, poor Ted’s confusion begins. The show is on at 1pm and 3.30pm.