Pool league’s response

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THE committee of the Bridlington Pool League would like to respond to the article in the Free Press on October 4 regarding a breakaway league.

A lot was made of the tradition of the pool league and the playing rules. These subjects are very important to all members of the committee.

Regarding the playing rules, there have been several amendments over the years so the rules we were playing during the summer league which has just finished and those used when the league was first founded are very different.

In fact, the rules were also different 12 months ago and also a couple of years before that. This would lead us to ask the question of which ‘traditional’ version of the playing rules would Mr Gascoigne like the league to revert back to?

These changes have been brought about by members of the league who were not happy with aspects of the “traditional” playing rules and raising motions with a view to getting them changed at that year’s AGM.

There were obviously enough players not happy with “traditional” Bridlington rules or these motions would not have got passed.

The committee believes that the majority of the league was fed up with regular changes and also the fragmented nature of the playing rules as a result of these changes.

With this in mind it was put to a democratic vote of all teams in the league to end the possibility of future changes by adopting an internationally recognised version of the game of pool which is in fact quite similar to the outgoing version of Bridlington rules and this motion was passed.

This now means that there can be no further changes to the playing Rules unless the national body, the English Blackball Pool Federation makes a change.

There were also other traditions of the league which were starting to disappear over the last few years. After restructuring of the committee in the summer of 2011 the new members set about rectifying this.

The forthcoming Winter League 2012/13 which starts this Thursday sees the format of league matches reverting back to eight individuals games which it always had been up until two or three years ago.

Also, the first round of the Team Cup was reinstated to the fourth Thursday of the season as was always the tradition in the past. Making these changes was very important for the committee as that is what league members have been used to and enjoyed for a long time.

Tradition is important but at the same time the league has been brought into the 21st century with the introduction of the website, email and phone number exclusively for league matters all in the last 12 months.

These provide players with unprecedented access to all information required for the league – results, fixtures, league tables and latest knockout draws.

As we said earlier tradition is important to the committee and we feel that Blackball rules are close enough to Bridlington rules. We feel that come the halfway mark of the forthcoming season the majority of players will enjoy the change and also the security of knowing there will be no more.

We also hope that by then even Mr Gascoigne feels the same and that the committee have only ever made decisions for the benefit of the league as a whole.