Plans to launch new pool league

AN ATTEMPT is being made to preserve the traditional Bridlington Pool rules, by setting up a new league.

The Bridlington Pool League has voted to adopt blackball pool rules when its winter season starts next Thursday, but one player is keen to set up a rival competition.

Ray Gascoigne told the Free Press: “I know there are quite a few teams who did not want blackball rules this coming season, but unfortunately there is not a lot we can do about it now.

“If you are not happy, please get in touch with me so that at the end of this season, we can form our own league and revert to the original Bridlington Pool League rules, formed in 1979/80.

“There will be a committee of four, but there will never be any reforms of rules, just the ones Bridlington has played for many years without any interference from other parties.”

Mr Gascoigne can be contacted on 07732 621345.