Cycling round the clock

Ridsdale ps1104-10a'Yorkshire Time Trial Champion'Neil Ridsdale
Ridsdale ps1104-10a'Yorkshire Time Trial Champion'Neil Ridsdale

BRIDLINGTON Cycling Club’s Neil Ridsdale has been presented with his trophy after becoming the Yorkshire 24-hour time-trial champion.

Riding last July for 24 hours without stopping takes some doing, but he was the first home in the 50-60 age category, covering 395.74 miles and averaging nearly 16mph.

This was his first attempt, riding a 35-year-old Speedwell Classic racer, and the 52-year-old from Kilham, finished in 20th place in the national championships.

“I didn’t enter correctly as I didn’t tick the right boxes, but I actually should have been officially national champion in my category, as I beat the bloke who is the champion by 21 miles,” said Ridsdale.

The time trial was held on Cheshire’s Mersey Road Club course, and he added: “It was a 40-mile road circuit, and you just do that as many times as you can.

“You don’t have any breaks, you just constantly ride.”

Andy Askwith was his support man, and Ridsdale explained: “You eat and drink, and Andy handed me drink bottles on the way up hills, while I was going slow. I never stopped once.

“It was a lot easier than running 24 hours.

“You’re not crucified in your joints like you are with running. You have a lot of neck ache, and your shoulders are a bit stiff, but only mildly.”

Ridsdale is now hoping to run the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District, later this summer, which is 72 miles and 42 peaks in 24 hours. He said: “If I don’t do it now I never will.

“It’s a heck of a challenge, and only about 500 people have achieved it, since the 1940s.

“I’m not saying I will complete it, but I will give it a go.”