Busy week for Bridlington boxers

Bridlington ABC Tom Hebden
Bridlington ABC Tom Hebden

Bridlington ABC had another busy weekend with four boxers in action.

On Friday Ben Malone boxed in Hull against Jake Goodwin of the Doncaster Plant ABC. Malone began the contest well, controlling the pace of the bout and dominating the first round.

The second round began the same as the first but towards the end of the round Goodwin began to pick up the pace which he then carried through into the last round.

After three rounds of boxing it was very close but the judges were unanimous in awarding the decision to Malone.

On Saturday two Bridlington boxers were involved in international contests.

Zac Stabler boxed in Sheffield against Jonny Clatworthy of Wales. Clatworthy was a very tough opponent and was far stronger than Stabler however the Bridlington boxer had the superior hand speed.

Stabler tried to keep on the outside just landing a couple of shots before moving out of the way, he managed this with relative success to give him the first round.

In the second round Clatworthy managed to back Stabler up a few times and land some strong shots to the body. Stabler got caught on the rope a few many times enough for the Welshman to take the second round. With all to go for in the last round Stabler tried his best to keep out of the way just picking his punches and moving.

Clathworthy however kept up the pressure and managed to draw stabler into a fight too often. enough for him to take the last round and the decision from the judges.

Meanwhile Tom Hebden travelled to Dublin, Ireland to box. He was facing Mikey McDonagh.

Hebden taking part in his first contest since last May began very busy and on the front foot, he was the shorter of the two boxers and tried to work his way in close however McDonagh was very good on his feet and managed to keep himself out of the way, when Hebden did manage to get in close Mcdonagh became messy and began to pull Hebden down and hold on making it difficult for him to work.

After three rounds it was McDonagh who got the nod from the judges.

Finally, Billy Gibson boxed in the Yorkshire final on Sunday against Callum Grace of the Cleckheaton ABC. the two had met previously in which Gibson had won.

This time Gibson struggled to get his shots off with both boxers trying to box on the front foot the two constantly got themselves in a tangle and it was Grace who was managing to land the shots on the way out.

Gibson did have a better second round landing some good body shots and covering up better and then the third round was fairly close until the last 30 seconds when Gibson got caught with his guard loose and took a few big shots.

After three rounds is was a fair decision from the judges in favour of Grace.

Head coach Damien Grant said: “It has been a tough weekend for the boxers but everyone has been boxing against top quality opponents. Zac Stabler was up against a three-time British champion while Tom Hebden’s opponent reached the national finals of the Irish championships last season.

“Billy Gibson’s opponent was the most experienced boxer in Yorkshire for their age so nobody had an easy contest and all showed that they can get in there and come close with these boxers.”

All four boxers will next be in action a week on Friday at the Bridlington Spa, along with others from the Bridlington club.

Tickets are priced at £10 for adults and £5 under 16s and can be obtained from the Spa box office or by calling Damien Grant on 07912 067044.