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Letter: New hospital bus service ‘brilliant’

Last Tuesday I visited my friend in Scarborough Hospital and took the opportunity to use this service rather than drive there.
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Motorcyclist thanks all who helped him after crash.

Letter: Thank you to everyone who helped

On Tuesday 30 August I was knocked off my motorcycle and suffered a broken leg and some broken ribs.

Facades are being ripped off historic buildings on King Street and the Esplanade.

Letter: Must keep facades of Bridlington

It’s great that the town is undergoing a serious face-lift through such worthwhile projects as the regeneration of the Hilderthorpe Road area. It’s very much needed.
Planning permission has been granted for a Premier Inn to be built on the Beaconsfield Car Park site.

Letter: Time to solve town parking problems

Looking at the ongoing parking saga in Bridlington, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council seem to confirm my doubts of them being in touch with comments made by their councillors concerning parking in Bridlington by approving planning permission for a 80-room seafront hotel, the removal of Beaconsfield car park for a Premier Inn, and their comments about parking in general.

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The new leisure complex at Bridlington.

Letter: Very impressed by leisure centre

With regard to the new leisure complex: I have to say that it is such a very pleasant, warm and welcoming and great looking place.

The Sue Ryder shop in Driffield where two fake 20 notes were used.

Letter: Keep an eye out for fake £20 notes

I am the new manager of the Sue Ryder Store in Driffield. At our shop we have had two fake £20 notes spent in the store and in turn this has lost the charity £40 out of it’s daily takings.
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Anti-fracking campaigners outside North Yorkshire County Hall in Northerallerton in May this year.

Letter: Event was well policed

I refer to the letter from John Warden headed ‘Disrupters' and 'Anti-frack scares... and real facts’ (Free Press, 22 September).

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A filter lane on Hilderthorpe Road 'should be to the Tesco store'.

Letter: Filtering to right is the wrong way

Having visited the Gypsy Race Park exhibition at the Spa I think the traffic plan for Hilderthorpe Road is completely wrong.
Sandsacre Post Office

Letter: Car troubles at Bridlington Post Office site

The Post Office is set to open a revitalised main branch.

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Letters: Young Bridlington singers wanted

We’re once again looking for young soloists to sing Walking in the Air from The Snowman with full orchestra at Hull City Hall on December 14.

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Letter: Conflicting details on police services

What contrasting reports we have had regarding Humberside Police.

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Letter: Dad's photo brings back memories

It was great to see a picture of my father Dennis Jeffery on page 31 (bottom right) of the Nostalgia page last week.

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Beaconsfield car park in Bridlington, now permanently closed.

Letter: Multi-storey would solve Bridlington parking problems

I have sent the following letter regarding the regeneration of Bridlington to the East Yorkshire Council and hope for a reply in the near future.

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Bridlington North Library is just one of the libraries in East Yorkshire which will be affected by cutbacks.

Letter: Library cuts caused by government

Once again I see the subject of library closures come to the fore again in this week’s Free Press Letters to the Editor page.

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Promenades Shopping Centre, Bridlington.

Letter: Promenades toilets are far too small

I visit Bridlington very often, and before I return to Hull like to use the gentleman’s toilet.

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Bridlington North Library, just one of the libraries in East Yorkshire facing cutbacks.

Letter: Cutbacks to library service will hit the town hard

I have been going to libraries all over the country for the past 50 years. The current government cutbacks in local finance will hit libraries in the East Riding badly.

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Pictured is the play park at Station Avenue, just one of the parks where the equipment appears to be in poor condition.

Letter: Poor state of play park equipment

I grew up in Bridlington and just spent a week there with my youngest daughter (aged nine) visiting family.

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Bransdale Road, Bridlington.

Letter: Redrow road should be adopted ... please!

May I say how pleased I was to read your article in last week’s Bridlington Free Press on the apparent progress being made by Redrow and the East Riding of Yorkshire to bring about the long awaited adoption of this Redrow site where we live.

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High Street, Bridlington Old Town.

Letter: Thank you very much for car slur

I would like to thank the very kind person who put a sticker on my windscreen accusing me of parking in a disabled space in the car park at the back of the Old Town.

King Street, Bridlington.

Letter: Please sort out the litter

During a recent visit to Bridlington I was struck by how much is being done by various different organisations to attract tourists into the town.

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