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Letter: Water leak concern at Fortyfoot

I do hope that the council are going to look at and do something about the water running off the playing field at the bottom of Sewerby Heads.

Oldies to blame for Britain's problems.

Letter: Oldies to blame for Britain's problems

Earlier this year, through no fault of my own, I reached the age of 87.

The Bridlington Club for Young People has applied for a new premises licence.

Letter: Concern over club licence bid

Bridlington Club for Young People on Gypsey Road has applied for a new premises licence.

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The Bridlington Park and Ride site would also be an ideal spot for coaches.

Letter: Coaches could use park and ride site

With reference to Tom Sampson’s letter last week about the further desecration of our coastline with the change of use of part of Limekiln Lane car park to a coach park I would like to add more details.
Bridlington was the start of the Tour de Yorkshire.

Letter: Great to see start of Tour

Last Friday I was lucky enough to be in Bridlington for the start of the Tour de Yorkshire. It was a great spectacle with residents coming out in great numbers.

Hilderthorpe coach park.

Letter: How many parking spaces have gone?

In the 13 April edition of the Free Press the town’s businessmen expressed, yet again, their despair at the lack of parking for visitors to the town.
Planning permission has been granted to build a hotel and houses off Belvedere Parade.

Letter: Concerns over traffic to new hotel

The golf club might be delighted that full planning permission has been passed for the building of a hotel and houses off Belvedere Parade. Our main concerns are the traffic.

Limekiln Lane car park is the new site for the coach park.

Letter: Car park move an 'invite to travellers'

I was amazed to read in the Free Press that the coach park is on the move to the existing Limekiln Lane Car Park.

Cunning plan to deal with Bridlington's ongoing roadworks.

Letter: Cunning plan to tackle Brid traffic

Last year the powers that be decided to turn Bridge Street in Bridlington into a one-way street and work started in January this year.

Council gives free business rates check.

Letter: Council will give business rates check

I am a small business proprietor and I was cold called this week by a company offering their services to apply on my behalf to the finance department of the ERYC to register for zero business rates.

Sewerby Hall.

Letter: Hall options 'point to car park costs'

Attention all Sewerby Hall visitors – you may have to pay for the privilege of parking at the site in the future.

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Bridlington is littered with roadworks.

Letter: Drivers hampered by Brid roadworks

Once again, during a regular trip to Bridlington, I encountered the frustrating traffic jams.
Bridlington Hospital.

Letter: Concern over unit closure

What a cruel and unfair decision the East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group make with the closure of the End of Life unit at Brid Hospital.

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Roadworks in Bridge Street, Bridlington.

Letter: Parking - Thanks but more is needed

I have been active in community groups for many years now and have wholeheartedly supported and appreciated the council’s efforts to restore Bridlington.

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Overflowing bins pose a health and safety issue to dustbin men.

Letter: Bin lids menace and dustmen

In the recent Free Press, there was an article on health and safety inspections at several restaurants and food outlets.

Motorists flout parking regulations.

Letter: Drivers flouted law to get parking fines

Re the volume of car parking fines (front page story last week):

The Bridlington Spa hosts some great acts.

Letter: Shows bring in visitors to Bridlington

I disagree about the article on the idea of introducing discounts for local people at the Bridlington Spa.

Bridlington Spa.

Letter: Be proud of your great gems in Brid

I read with interest the letter by Mr Pudsey (February 2 edition) about the ‘precept’ for the Bridlington Spa.

Cuts to services leaves roads in need of maintenance.

Letter: Is there any hope for the future?

If the council tax rise had been 5% it would have triggered a referendum – and we all know what the result would be.

The beach at Bridlington.

Letter: Time to ban dog walkers from beach

This weekend I enjoyed a lovely walk on the north beach in Bridlington and had a cuppa at Sands cafe, which offers great views across the bay.

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