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Letter: A mobile unit is no substitute

A report in the Free Press informs everyone of Yorkshire’s first mobile chemotherapy unit that has been launched and will visit Brid regularly to allow cancer patients to be treated closer to home.
Contractors are approximately three weeks behind schedule on Manor Street.

Letter: Delays are due to unique problems

I am not an apologist for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council or PBS contractors regarding the chaos on Manor Street, that has drawn much criticism from the public in Bridlington.
Hilderthorpe Road is part of the council's regeneration project.

Letter: Left turns would ease congestion

The current congestion in town is understandable considering the work that is going on, hopefully when the work is finished the traffic situation will improve.
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Construction work underway on the bridge at Beck Hill.

Letter: New bridge taking its toll

I walked down Beck Hill to see how our new bridge is progressing. Sadly, it is not as grand as I was expecting. Not quite in the Humber Bridge class.

Hilderthorpe Road regeneration area.

Letter: New road system has its drawbacks

Re Mr John C L’Amie’s concerns in your column about the slow progress on the Hilderthorpe Road project:

Scarborough Hospital.

Letter: My painful journey for treatment

I was under the impression that hospitals were provided to ease pain an stress, not cause it.

Bridlington Hospital.

Letter: Hard work unravelling

The Bridlington Free Press carried another letter on the situation on the hospital deteriorating. I hope she isn’t expecting any positive response, from my personal experience all I managed to “gain” was a dossier of politically generated data, figures and probabilities, disregarding the predictable.

The war memorial to 158 Squadron at RAF Lissett

Letter: Memorial site looks unkempt

After recently passing the Lissett Airfield Memorial, I was very disappointed at the way it looks.

Hilderthorpe Road regeneration area.

Letter: No end in sight for town roadworks

First let me congratulate the councils of Bridlington and East Yorkshire on the landscaping of Hilderthorpe Road and Springfield Avenue.

The Yorkshire Party stand clear on fracking.

Letter: A clear stand on fracking

As days go by I am getting more and more concerned over the state of the fracking industry. The people of Yorkshire do not want fracking not only on our doorstep but in our fields.
Smoking could be banned from outdoor public spaces.

Letter: Plan to ban smoking outdoors

So our “representatives” in Parliament now plan to ban smoking in outdoor public places too.

Bridlington Hospital should be made a top priority.

Letter: Hospital should be a top priority

The results of the General Election indicate that the electorate in the East Riding either overlooks or forgives as to what this present government has been implementing these past seven years with savage cuts to public services.

Limekiln Lane car park, the proposed site for the new coach park.

Letter: New route for coaches unsuitable?

I recently wrote to Cllr Richard Burton, portfolio holder for leisure and tourism and culture. My letter concerned two issues.

Bridlington is full of history, charm and character.

Letter: Bridlington needs to keep its identity

I despair that a Beverley-based council is in charge of Bridlington’s affairs.

Researching the life and career of the actor Guy Standeven.

Letter: Appeal for information on actor Guy Standeven

I am researching the life and career of the actor Guy Standeven. He was born August 28, 1928, in Scarborough and died in Hammersmith in 1998. He was born as Marcus Guy Wyndham Standeven.

Sir Greg Knight has fought against hospital facility closures.

Letter: Hospital facilities are testament to MP's commitment

May I draw the attention of Mr Edward Brian Hardgrave (Letters, 22 June) ‘MP should do more for hospital’.

More should be done to support Bridlington Hospital and its facilities.

Letter: MP should do more for our hospital

Sir Greg Knight’s return to office was tinged with sadness for the Tory MPs who lost their seats in the latest general election (quote from the Free Press).

Limekiln Lane Car Park Bridlington is the site of the new coach park.
Picture by Paul Atkinson:
NBFP PA1715-4a

Letter: Coach park should stay where it is

The Spa has already proved its worth. The new base for the RNLI is taking shape and blends well with the architecture in that area.

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Sports field at Sewerby Heads.

Letter: Sports field needs signs

I am writing in the hope that this may facilitate a response from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Bridge Street's new pedestrian area.

Letter: Poor paving work needs putting right

Re the Bridge Street new pedestrian area:

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