Viking ring is "treasure" and will be valued at British Museum

TREASURE dating back to the time of the Vikings has been found in a Bridlington field.

The Viking finger ring has a silver content of 98% which, combined with its age, meets the criteria for it to be officially classed as treasure.

The ring, found by Paul Rennoldson, has been sent to the British Museum in London where it will be valued.

Alan Worth, chairman of the Bridlington Metal Detecting Society, said finding any items dating back to the Viking age was very rare.

"The Vikings were around in about 700AD which is an incredibly long time ago," said Mr Worth who has himself found Roman coins and many Edwardian artefacts around Bridlington.

"I would think this is something the British Museum would probably be keen to keep hold of," said Mr Worth, who added that Bridlington has a rich history which makes the area ideal for metal detecting.

"It is an interesting area, and there's lots out there to be found," he said.