Valuable Bridlington posters go to auction

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Two rare pre-war Bridlington railway posters are set to fetch more than £2,000 at an auction in America.

The most valuable of these posters, emblazoned with the words ‘Bridlington It’s Quicker By Rail’ and designed by artist T.L.Dugdale for the London and North Eastern Railway in 1930, is expected to sell for between $2,000 and $3,000 (£1,300 and £1,900) at Swann Galleries in New York on August 5.

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M29027-2484 001

At the same sale another ‘Bridlington It’s Quicker By Rail’ poster, produced in 1938 for the LNER by Septimus Edwin Scott, is set to fetch between $1,000 and $1,500 (£640-£950).

It features a young couple sitting on a promenade wall with Bridlington’s golden sands and enticing azure sea in the background.

In the early and middle parts of the 20th century when comparatively few people owned cars and when overseas breaks were beyond the financial reach of most holidaymakers, railway companies such as the LNER commissioned artists to produce colourful, eye catching posters of seaside resorts, beauty spots and places of historical interest in a bid to boost rail travel throughout Britain.

Septimus Scott, who produced one of the Bridlington posters in the forthcoming auction, was born at Sunderland on 19 March 1879 and was affectionately known as Sep.

He went on to become a prolific producer of advertising posters, not only posters for railway companies but also for Mars chocolate bars, Players cigarettes and Lifebuoy Soap. The value and desirability of Scott’s work was confirmed at Christie’s South Kensington in London on September 14,2005, when three of his London Midland & Scottish Railway posters sold for £12,840.

One Scott poster alone – produced in or around 1930 and advertising New Brighton & Wallasey - went for £5,760,one of the highest prices ever paid for a Scott poster.