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Bridlington  Free Press hands over the Chq from the Clarence Road Fund to the family'PA1105-12
Bridlington Free Press hands over the Chq from the Clarence Road Fund to the family'PA1105-12

THE grandparents of the three children killed in a house fire have thanked the people of Bridlington for their support and generosity – following donations of over £3,000.

Samantha Hudson, 27, survived the house fire in Clarence Avenue, Bridlington, in November, but tragically her three children, William, nine, AJ, five, and Maddie, three, died in the blaze.

Yesterday, Samantha’s parents Sharon and Robert Hudson were presented a cheque for £3,136.16 – raised by the people of the town through fund-raising and donations to the Free Press Clarence Avenue Fund.

Mrs Hudson said: “I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us and donated to the fund.

“Everyone has been brilliant, and we can’t thank the people of Bridlington enough.”

The money will buy a headstone for the children’s grave and go towards the care of Samantha, who has now been told her children have died. – continued on Page 3

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Samantha continues to improve and is due to move from Scarborough Hospital to Goole and District Hospital soon to continue her rehabilitation.

Mr Hudson said: “We are making preparations for a headstone for the children, and the money donated will help pay for that.

“The donations will also help us provide Sam with things she needs such as new clothes, and a television and music for her stay at Goole.

“These things will go a long way to helping her condition improve while at the rehab centre.

“The generosity shown by everyone has been overwhelming. Our thanks go to all for their support in so many ways.”

Miss Hudson, who is now aware of the deaths of her children, but is still unable to communicate fully, was due to be transferred to Goole on Tuesday, where she will undergo therapy and rehabilitation, but the planned transfer was put back to a later date.

The move is designed to help her overcome injuries suffered due to smoke inhalation from the fire almost three months ago.

Mrs Hudson explained: “We have been waiting for a few weeks for the transfer to happen, so it was frustrating when the planned move was cancelled on Tuesday.

“It’s the next stage in her rehab. It’s a six-month course at Goole, but after 13 weeks the doctors will discuss how much she is improving and see at what stage Sam is at.

“She is responsive to certain things, but she still can’t speak.

“She spend a lot of the time crying, which is just heart-breaking.

“Her sense of taste is lost, apart from toothpaste. The nurses at Scarborough said her enjoyed having her teeth cleaned as she could taste it.

“She has been given yogurts as well, but swallowing is a problem for her still.”

Samantha’s parents will soon be swapping Scarborough journeys and will be making the round trip to Goole to see their daughter, when visiting hours allow.

“The therapy at Goole will be quite intensive and it will be busy for her,” Mrs Hudson said.

“Visiting is usually only weekends and evenings as the doctors don’t like to interupt the sessions, but we are hoping to be able to visit her once a week during the day.

“It’s going to be a slow process, but we hope over time that her condition will continue to improve.”

The family are working with J G Gardiner Ltd stonemasons in Sewerby to design a headstone for the children – which will include a photograph of the siblings placed on a large lavender granite stone which will be shipped from China.

The Free Press fund has now been closed following the presentation of the money raised to Mr and Mrs Hudson.

Donations have come from all walks of Bridlington life – from individuals, schools, businesses, fund-raising events and also from the Yorkshire Bank – who donated £100 to start the fund.

Last week The Harbour Tavern donated £1,200 raised from a New Year’s Eve charity event, and the latest donation to the fund – more than £500 – has come from Bridlington’s Christmas Dippers.

This year organisers Janet Connelly and her family wanted to split the proceeds of their annual Christmas Day Dip in the sea off Bridlington’s north shore between the Free Press Clarence Avenue fund and the ambulance and paramedics service.

Mrs Connelly gave us her cheque on Monday. “I know there were many other individuals who took part to have also made donations to the Clarence Avenue Fund,” she said.

The Free Press would like to thank everyone who donated to the fund for the generosity and collective show of Bridlington’s community spirit.