Swinemoor Orange Day tradition still going strong

Swinemoor Primary School welcomed the mayor of Beverley Councillor Martin Cox to its annual Orange Day Celebration recently.

Orange Day was started at the school over 100 years ago when former headteacher, William Spencer left money in his will to give an orange to each child at the school every year.

Mr Spencer, who was also a former mayor of Beverley, would be happy to know that this much loved tradition is still alive and well at the school so many years on.

Councillor Martin Cox said: “This was an interesting parallel to my own situation, combining the roles of teacher and mayor. The children sang beautifully and shared their thoughts on making the world a better, more peaceful place, having reflected on the song Imagine. As each child left the Hall I handed each their orange. It was a lovely occasion and shows the value we place on tradition in Beverley. I felt honoured to take part.”