Problems at Daniel’s gig


A BOOKING error at the Spa caused anger among Daniel O’Donnell fans who arrived at the concert to find there were not enough seats laid out for them.

One Bridlington resident who paid almost £80 for tickets for himself and his wife for Friday night’s concert said that he was appalled the show had to be delayed for 30 minutes while Spa staff wheeled in dozens of extra chairs to accommodate paid-up customers.

This especially angered fans who had booked themselves front row seats, only to find that extra chairs were dragged in front of them to create an extra row before the show started.

Andrew Aldis, general manager at the Spa, said that the problem was caused by a box office system error and that only 11 people required extra seating at the front of the stage, but the Free Press received reports from angry fans that as many as 40 extra chairs were wheeled into the Royal Hall at the last minute.

Concert-goer Albert McNulty said that people became increasingly annoyed as the concert was delayed by staff adding the chairs onto the ends of aisles and that the debacle spoilt the show for both himself and his wife.

He said: “People were shouting, standing up and waving their arms about because obviously they weren’t happy that one minute they were on the front row, and the next minute Spa staff were running round with sack-carts adding around 40 chairs at the ends of aisles and in front of what was the front row.

“It was also dangerous and after working in health and safety myself for many years, I’m sure that the way the seats ended up blocking the aisles breached health and safety regulations.

“If there had been a fire I don’t know how we would have all got out.

“It was a pantomime really, but it could have been dangerous and my wife was very shaken by the whole thing because people were getting very angry and upset about the situation.”

His views were echoed by another concert-goer who described the affair as ‘an absolute shambles’.

“We were queuing outside for a long, long time, even though my mother was in a wheelchair,” she said.

“And then we saw what was going on with all these extra chairs being brought in, we realised it was all just an absolute shambles.”

When Daniel O’Donnell started his show at 8pm, half an hour behind schedule, he apologised to his fans for the upheaval.

The Spa is now upgrading its booking system in the hope of preventing further such incidents and Mr Aldis said: “Unfortunately on the night of the Daniel O’Donnell concert our box office system experienced an error and supplied us with an incorrect seating plan.

“Because of this we had to provide extra seating for around 11 people at the front of the stage.

“The duty manager, on shift at the time, apologised for any inconvenience caused and this was echoed by Daniel O’Donnell, who hoped that everyone enjoyed their evening.

“The box office system is set to undergo a major upgrade, in April, which will help avoid this sort of incident from happening again.”