Mayor’s regret at stepping down

Cyril Marsburg
Cyril Marsburg

BRIDLINGTON’S Mayor, Coun Shaun Marsburg, has stepped down from the role and resigned from Bridlington Town Council due to work commitments.

Mr Marsburg, who was elected mayor at the first full council meeting after the local election in May, said he had taken the decision to stand down “with regret”.

He had applied for a new job in security, which involves a great deal of travelling around the world, before he was elected mayor.

In a letter he sent to the Town Council, Mr Marsburg said that he had resigned from the council as he didn’t want to short-change the town by being unavailable to speak to.

Deputy Mayor and Shaun’s father, Coun Cyril Marsburg, said that he understood why Shaun had to step down but was disappointed he couldn’t have worked with him for longer.

“He did the honourable thing and stood down when he realised he couldn’t be the mayor and the councillor that he wanted to be,” said Coun Cyril.

“He had applied for a new job without thinking he would get it, so when he did he decided that he couldn’t dedicate enough of his time to the town.

“It’s a shame because Shaun is a young man full of energy and I was sure he would have made a fine Mayor, as he has always been a fine councillor.

“It is also a little disappointing as we were in quite a unique position working together as father and son, I enjoyed it and I think it would have worked well, but with the economice situation the way it is, you have to grab opportunities when you can.”

Tradition dictates that the deputy mayor usually becomes mayor if they step down, and as Cyril has experience in the role, he said he would “love to do it again”.

The new mayor and deputy mayor will be elected at the next full meeting of Bridlington Town Council in July.

There is now also a vacancy on the Town Council, and a by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if ten voters in the Bridlington North Ward give notice in writing claiming such an election to the Chief Executive, by July 18.

The address for the Chief Executive is: Chief Executive, c/o Deborah Sedman, Electoral Services, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA

If no such notice is given the Town Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.