Police to launch two-pronged Easter alcohol campaign

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POLICE in the East Riding are launching a two-pronged alcohol campaign over the Easter weekend.

The first approach is targeted at Licensee with ‘The ‘Drunk? - No Sale’ campaign being launched to encourage pubs and late licensed premises to sell alcohol responsibly and avoid serving drunken people.

The second approach ‘Drunk Too Much…Going Home’ is aimed at drinkers, who often get caught up in alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour as a result of drinking to excess.

The campaigns will launch this weekend, starting on Friday March 29, to around 30 licensees in the East Riding who the Police Licensing Department want to engage with.

Each chosen licensed premises will receive supporting campaign merchandise and officers from the Police Licensing Team will meet with the premises management to discuss issues around responsible trading.

Inspector David Braysmith, who has responsibility for managing the Police Licensing Department, said: “East Riding is one of the safest places in the country but we have to be conscious that serving alcohol to people who are already drunk is a national problem that all areas face and that we need to tackle.

“It seems to have become more socially acceptable to be drunk in public. Drinking too much alcohol can impair a person’s judgment and put them more at risk of becoming a victim of crime, committing a crime or becoming involved with anti-social behaviour.

“By encouraging licensees to make responsible decisions around the sale of alcohol we hope to reduce these risks.”

The ‘Drunk Too Much…Going Home’ campaign is designed to educate drinkers on police powers to issue a person with a dispersal notice, which bans them from an area for up to 48 hours for drunken behaviour.

As part of the campaign, beer mats, bar runners and mirror clings will be given to the chosen licensed premises, along with mint cards which will be handed out by officers and premises staff with the same message on.

Humberside Police are also encouraging licensees to become more aware of the use of drugs within licensed premises, in particular during the night time trade.

Premises have been asked to adopt a zero tolerance approach to drugs and are giving them advice and support on pro-active measures they can take to achieve this.

Insp Braysmith added: “Our recent operations indicate that there is widespread use of stimulant based drugs notably cocaine, MCAT and amphetamines in some licensed premises across the East Riding.

“It is a particular issue for those premises attracting a younger crowd and that are open until the early hours of the morning.

“The combined use of illegal drugs and alcohol can have bizarre and detrimental impacts on a person’s behaviour, creating risks for themselves and others.”