Panic at Bridlington petrol pumps

Esso petrol station in Bridlington runs out of fuel
Esso petrol station in Bridlington runs out of fuel

MOTORISTS are pumping Bridlington dry of petrol amid the threat of strikes from tanker drivers.

As of Thursday morning, the petrol station on Scarborough Road is out of stock, but is expecting another delivery later today. Large queues have developed at the pumps at Bridlington’s Morrisons supermarket, and at Tesco.

Strike sparks panic buying at Morrisons petrol station in Bridlington

Strike sparks panic buying at Morrisons petrol station in Bridlington

Sharyn Wright, manager at the Esso station on Scarborough Road, said: “We are out of fuel because people have been panic buying, and filling petrol cans up.

“We are having a delivery later today but we have sold out two days quicker than we normally would. The government have made people panic.”

Sharyn also warned that she would have to stop customers stockpiling petrol in containers, saying it is dangerous to store large amounts at home and unfair on other customers.

Staff at the Morrisons store off Bessingby Road say that they still have stocks of petrol and are expecting a delivery later today, but have urged drivers not to rush to the pumps in panic. Queues at the pumps are already causing tailbacks at Bessingby roundabout with police attending to assist with traffic management.

Large queues are also forming at the Tesco store on Hilderthorpe Road, but as it stands, they still have petrol in stock.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service is strongly urging residents not to store petrol because of the risks it can cause to occupiers and firefighters.

Pete Baron from the service said: “Public safety is our main concern and the storing of petrol can be extremely dangerous. I would ask residents not to store fuel at all. However, I accept that some people will, so would ask that anyone considering this to stick to the following guidelines.”

Never store petrol in a domestic dwelling.

Petrol must be stored in a building that is completely separate to a dwelling.

Petrol must be stored in an approved plastic or metal container - the type you would typically buy from filling stations.

A maximum 30 litres can be stored in two 10 litre metal containers and two five-litre plastic containers.

Never over-fill containers beyond the capacity marked on the container.

Containers should be marked ‘petroleum spirit’ and ‘highly flammable’.