New staff taken on in hospital departments

new hospital staff
new hospital staff

EXTRA staff have been taken on at Bridlington Hospital as it continues to develop its Occupational and Physiotherapy departments.

Since January an extra five people have been taken on to work in the two rehabilitation wards; the 28-bed Waters Ward and 26-bed Johnson Ward.

The new staff consists of two senior physiotherapists, a senior occupational therapist, a junior physiotherapist and a new generic therapy assistant.

Over the last two years there have been significant developments in Occupational and Physiotherapy at the hospital, with investment in staff, working arrangements, equipment and facilities meaning that the hospital is able to deliver a more effective rehabilitation service.

The extra workers means that there is now full time cover at the hospital.

It is two years since occupational therapy staff transferred over to the Trust from NHS East Riding of Yorkshire as Ben Richardson, Senior Physiotherapist explains: “This transfer helped develop the team spirit at Bridlington with staff from the two disciplines really working together as one team.

“We also work extremely closely with Hilary Woodward Hospital Matron, Ward Sisters and Pam Cooper Discharge Liaison Nurse, to ensure a safe and realistic discharge for each patient.

“Having the right equipment is also key to us being able to deliver patients with the best possible care.

“Johnson Ward has recently undergone a refurbishment which included the redecoration of the gym and installation of new equipment such as bars.

“We are also hoping to order a state-of-the-art hoist which will be used across both wards, benefiting not just patients but staff.

“It is an exciting time to be working at Bridlington Hospital. Feedback from our patients is extremely positive and reflects our teamwork approach to their rehabilitation.”