Picasso, Jeremy Corbyn! Labour leader paints a positive picture

Jeremy Corbyn explores his artistic side at a community centre in West Yorkshire (Danny Lawson/PA)
Jeremy Corbyn explores his artistic side at a community centre in West Yorkshire (Danny Lawson/PA)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn took 20 minutes out of a constituency visit to create a striking oil painting with the help of a hands-on tutor.

He collaborated with group leader Chris Ellerton, 54, to paint a landscape of sun, mountains, water and both spring and autumn leaves.

The pair appeared to strike up a relationship during Mr Corbyn’s visit to a community centre in Shipley, West Yorkshire, with the tutor giving firm instructions on how to develop their painting.

Mr Ellerton, watched by his admiring class, photographers and reporters exhorted: “Just put it on, give it a woof!”

He also advised: “Leave some dark Mr Corbyn!”

And there was laughter when Mr Ellerton, from Bradford, said: “Don’t worry Mr Corbyn, me and you are artists.”

Mr Corbyn appeared to be relaxed and to enjoy the fun as they put together the piece they called Mount Chrisjez.

They worked together for more than 20 minutes, starting from a blank canvas, before they both signed it.

Afterwards Mr Corbyn, who said he painted abstracts at home, pronounced the picture “pretty good”.

He added: “Chris is a great teacher. There’s an artist in everyone.”

Today I visited the Kirkgate centre in Shipley, a social space that brings together older people and supports lifelong learning & creativity pic.twitter.com/SHrUGyiyQO

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) October 12, 2017

Mr Ellerton was full of praise for his student, saying: “You can tell he has done painting before.”

Jonathan Parry, a member of the over 50s painting group, said: “Chris is fantastic, his enthusiasm and natural talent is really great.”

Earlier, Mr Corbyn chatted to pensioners and made a mixed fruit crumble for them in the kitchen at the Kirkgate centre.

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