Missing cat returns home after 18 months

A YEAR-and-a-half is a long time for a pet to go missing, so you can imagine one family's shock when their cat returned home after all that time.

Patch, a four-year-old black and white cat went missing from his home on the Crayke estate back in July 2007.

His frantic owner, Claire Wardle, phoned round Bridlington vets, the RSPCA, put posters up and an advertisement in the Free Press but after a few months she began to lose all hope of ever seeing him again.

But two weeks ago Patch decided it was time to finally come home and has been back with his family ever since.

"We're delighted to have him back," said Claire. "We couldn't believe it was him!

"Now we're wondering who has been looking after him all this time and whether there is somebody out there who thinks the cat they've been looking after for the last one- and-a-half years has gone missing.

"If anybody is out looking for him we'd like to let them know that he's actually just come back home!"

Claire took Patch for a check-up at the vets the following day who gave him a clean bill of health and confirmed his identity by scanning his micro-chip.

She said that she hopes he is back for good but added that her experience proves that 'you don't adopt cats, they adopt you'.