Vote opens for top police job

neil eyre

neil eyre

POLLING stations open this morning for residents to vote for their preferred candidate in the race for the position of Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner.

Bridlington residents can place their vote at polling stations around the town from 7am to 10pm today, Thursday 15 November.

The votes will be counted on Friday 16 November at Bridlington Spa.

Candidates for the Humberside vacancy will join others standing for the role in their respective police forces across the United Kingdom, in the first election of its kind.

The Humberside candidates are: John Prescott, the Labour Party candidate and former deputy prime minister; Matthew Grove, representing the Conservative party; Hull City Councillor Simone Butterworth, Liberal Democrat; MEP Godfrey Bloom standing for UKIP; Paul Davison, a former Humberside Police chief; independent candidate Neil Eyre and Walter Sweeney, an academic, standing as an independent candidate.

The commissioner’s role will have responsibility for the entire Humberside Police force area, including Bridlington, when it replaces the Humberside Police Authority which is to be abolished later in the year.

The supplementary vote system, currently used to elect mayors, will be used for the election.

Voters are asked to choose their first and second preferences for the role, with the top two for first preference votes going into a second round of counting if no clear majority emerges at first.

In the second round ballots will be reallocated according to the second preference if the first preference is for a candidate who did not make the top two.

The winner will be the candidate with the most votes after the second count.

Information on the location of polling stations is available on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website, in the Police and Crime Commissioner section, as well as on polling cards issued to residents.

Contact East Riding Council’s electoral services on 01482 393312 for more information, or for help regarding identifying your polling station.




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