VIDEO: Police trap targets speeding motorists in Bridlington

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Speeding is being taken seriously in the run-up to Bridlington’s busy summer season as police continue a crackdown on offending motorists.

Police held a speed board initiative last Wednesday on Limekiln Lane in an effort to drive home the message that motorists who speed are not just putting their lives at risk but also those of other road users.

Few motorists were caught for speeding during the initiative and officers are pleased that their high profile presence seemed to have acted as a deterrent to speeding drivers.

PCSO Becky Brown, said: “Exercises such as this one send the message out that we are out and about in the area.

“We will continue to run these speed checks not just on Limekiln Lane but at a number of other roads around Bridlington, there are a number of speeding hotspots in the town.

“We want to run them as frequently as possible and we want people to be aware that we are out running them.

“Speed limits are there 
for a reason and we want to show people that we are 
taking the issue of speeding seriously.”


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