VIDEO: Bridlington Harbour paths submerged as water reaches level of south pier

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Bridlington Harbour has experienced the worst flooding for “more than 50 years” after bad weather caused a tidal surge which submerged most of the harbour.

More than a metre of water on top of an already high 6.3m tide swept through the harbour at around 4pm and reached its peak before 6pm: flooding Rags, the Chicken Run, Gummers Wharf, shops on Harbour Road and Clough Hole car park.

Bad weather had been expected today after the Environment Agency issued a flood warning for the area, but the speed and severity of the tide overwhelmed businesses and onlookers and saw fishing gear and equipment floating in the harbour, a car submerged, and even a fire in a warehouse on the Chicken Run.

Here is some video we captured.




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