Leak leaves aquatic shop without water

Julie Pearson watches the leak outside the shop.
Julie Pearson watches the leak outside the shop.

A WATER leak flooded a section of pavement and left an aquatic centre without running water for hours.

Last Thursday a fault caused water to bubble up from the pavement on Promenade, 
Bridlington, outside Aquatic World.

Julie Pearson, manager at the shop, said she reported the problem to Yorkshire Water but it was not resolved until almost six hours later. Ms Pearson said Yorkshire Water had been along to change the water meter just after 10am and broke the stop cock, which left water running onto the pavement.

She said: “I have got no facilities to make a drink, or use the loo, or to top the tanks up. It has affected trade because of the puddle outside.”

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said there had been no record of a problem on Promenade, in Bridlington. The problem was resolved at around 4pm the same day.