Headlands School placed Bridlington pupils in isolation because uniforms are too tight.

Emily Inglis' daughter has been in isolation at Headlands School because her trousers were too tight.
Emily Inglis' daughter has been in isolation at Headlands School because her trousers were too tight.

Parents have hit out at a Bridlington School after pupils were placed in isolation because ‘their trousers are too tight.’

Opposition to a new school uniform policy at Headlands School has taken to social media to raise awareness of the issue surrounding uniform policy.

Emily Inglis, of Landsdowne Road whose child attends Headlands School, said:“It’s my child’s last year at school so she will soon be sitting her GCSEs.

“My child was in isolation every day from the start of the new term which could not have been good for her education - I took her out of school for a few days but she has since returned to school.

“I don’t understand why the school thinks some of the pupils’ uniforms are inappropriate - we bought ours from a well-known supermarket brand.”

In a statement, Headlands School said: “At Headlands School we have high expectations about wearing our school uniform, a uniform that parents and students were consulted on in 2012.”

“Students who are not in correct uniform, in line with Department for Education guidance, may be sent home to change or secluded from other students at breaks and lunchtimes.

“On the 3, 4 and 5 September the maximum number of students this applied to across Years 7 to 11 was 5.

“Where parents are having difficulty with the cost of uniform I would ask them to contact their Head of Year for a confidential discussion.”

However parents of pupils at Headlands School have taken to social media and alleged that ‘hundreds of children, not five,’ had been excluded from lessons because of their uniform.

Emily added: “One girl at the school was told that her trousers were too tight, now it’s given her a complex - it’s damaging a lot of the girls’ self esteem.”

Another parent commented on the Facebook page: “My daughter was told ‘it’s not my fault you can’t find trousers big enough’ and she was not the only one to be told this.

“Girls have put on Facebook how they now feel fat and extremely upset.”

One parent, who wished not to be named, said: “I disagree with the opposition a lot of the parents have to the new uniform rules.

“Some of the trousers girls are wearing are far too tight and I wouldn’t let my kids go to school wearing what some of the girls do.

“This is a product of today’s society which, unfortunately, a lot of youngsters like to replicate.”

Headland’s School said that all pupils who had been excluded from lessons for uniform related issues were now back in normal lessons.