IN PICTURES: Red Nose Day in Bridlington

Children at a number of schools in Bridlington have swapped their uniform for their favourite red outfits today.

Dont take our word for it that the 11 Plus is hard, give it a try.

11 PLUS QUIZ: Are you smarter than an 11 year old?

New research has revealed just 16% of parents score full marks in an 11 Plus quiz.

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Sponsor David Dowson gets last years bike race underway

Tour will be the biggest yet

The Tour de Bridlington is coming back for a third year - and it promises to be the biggest event so far.

Images from Headlands' performance at The Spa

Headlands team looking forward to northern final

Headlands School’s Rock Challenge team showcased their 2017 entry by performing at Bridlington Spa as part of the senior heat of the competition.


IN PICTURES: World Book Day

Children across Bridlington dressed up as characters from their favourite stories to celebrate World Book Day.

Kate Parker-Randall

New head to use sports principles to help school

Kate Parker-Randall has been confirmed as the new headteacher of Bridlington School and has said her ‘no-fail attitude’ will lead it on to greater things.

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School to take fewer students

Headlands School’s bid to reduce the number of new students it takes in each year by more than 20% looks set to be approved.

Theyre learning...honest! The wine appreciation group is one of more than 80 run by the U3A in Bridlington

Learning is not just child’s play...age is no barrier for U3A

You’re never too old to learn, and hundreds of people are proving that in Bridlington on a weekly basis.

Ready for day two after breakfast on board HMS Belfast

School pupils ‘kip on a ship’ on memorable London trip

A trip to London proved to a group of students from Burlington Junior School that anything is possible.

Body cameras

UK schools introduce body cameras for teachers

Classroom cameras: Coming to a school near you?

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Bridlington School received the best GCSE improvement scores in Yorkshire. Picture by Paul Atkinson: NBFP PA17604-2b

Bridlington School celebrates best results in Yorkshire

Bridlington School’s GCSE results have seen it being crowned the best performing school inYorkshire, and the top non-academy in the country.

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The council say they don't know when the school will reopen.

When will Bridlington primary school reopen?

A Bridlington primary school will stay closed today because there is no heating.

Controlled explosions carried out on chemicals at Yorkshire schools

Controlled explosions carried out on chemicals at Yorkshire schools

Over 40 schools in North and West Yorkshire have been visited by army bomb disposal experts after it was discovered they were storing a potentially hazardous chemical on their premises.

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East Riding is top of the class

The East Riding is top of the class in Yorkshire’s GCSE table for the first time.

Sarah Pashley

Head to leave ‘amazing’ school

The search is on for a new headteacher at Bridlington School, after Sarah Pashley announced she is moving on.

Student Katie Bull,  Maureen Yates (community and crime reduction and resilience officer), Tracy Underwood (enrichment officer), student representative Connor-Reece Williamson, Cllr Shaun Horton and student Callum Ledger

New scheme to keep students safe

Students at East Riding College in Bridlington have launched a new initiative to keep them safe and reduce crime on and off campus.

Members of the Student Council with headteacher Sarah Bone, Andy Levitt and Cllr Jane Evison

Careers information at their fingertips

Students can plot their future at the touch of a button thanks to new careers screens at Headlands School.

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