Savage attack on ‘best pal’

Anthony Miley
Anthony Miley

A JUDGE jailed a Langtoft traveller for seven years for drink-fuelled savage attack on a former friend in Bridlington which cracked his skull and left him gurgling up blood.

Anthony Miley, 24, kicked Michael Johnson, 43, six times in the head with steel toe-capped Doc Martin boots after an argument about a woman escalated out of control.

The pair had been drinking Bacardi and whisky in the sun on the grassed area outside of the home of Gregory Marshall, 23, in Easton Road, Bridlington.

Jailing Miley for seven years Judge Simon Jack said: “You carried out a sustained attack on a man who, for the most part of the attack, was completely helpless. You kicked him repeatedly in the head causing very serious injuries.

“That was all done in the presence, and sight, of children. Rather than seek medical help, you then moved his body behind a tree, leaving him, for all you knew, to die. You have to understand, if you did anything like this again, you will be treated as a dangerous offender - which means you could be given a sentence for public protection for an indeterminate period.”

Miley, of Sledmere Road, Langtoft, appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence on Thursday, March 22, after earlier pleading guilty to a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson was knocked unconscious in the attack, which happened at around 4pm on April 20, 2011.

He was described by a witness as near to death and was taken by ambulance unconscious to Hull Royal Infirmary’s intensive care unit. He was anaesthetized for treatment to a complex skull fracture, fractured mandible and maxilla, 5cm cut to the forehead and large bruising to the chest, elbow and buttock.

Miley later told police Johnson had made a gross remark about a woman called Margaret Smith.

Crown barrister Nicholas Adlington said: “Something was said. It was something which greatly upset Miley. He told a witness in Marshall’s house: “I am going to sort it out. He is meant to be my best mate.”

He walked onto the grass to see Johnson laying against a tree and began to kick him in the head. “The children described half a dozen kicks to the head by the defendant,” said Mr Adlington. “One boy said he could see metal through the toe cap. They were offered £20 to keep quiet.”

After “freaking out” over the fountain of blood coming from Johnson’s face, Miley changed his blood-stained T-shirt for a black polo shirt in Marshall’s house.

He told a witness: “It’s all my fault. I had to do it. He was going to burgle your house.” He fled after ordering Marshall to help him carry Johnson’s body 60 metres from the house telling Marshall he was going to leave the country.

Miley has a conviction for stealing copper pipes in a 2008 burglary. He threw away his incriminating jeans and boots. He was located by police after making a telephone call to Johnson’s partner.

Defence barrister Richard Thompson said Miley was of a low intellect, but showed genuine remorse for what he had done.

“He accepted the whole incident started in temper and drink and he lost control,” said Mr Thompson. “Whatever the provocation he went completely over the top.”

“There has been consequences for this defendant. His parents strongly disapprove of what he has done, but are prepared to stand by him. But his partner is disapproving. She has lost her accommodation, because he is now not able to support her. He has told me today they have now separated.”