Man ‘needs drink’ to stay well

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A MAN so addicted to alcohol he must consume large amounts each day for his health, has pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Paul Leonard Crick, 37, of Blackburn Avenue, Bridlington, pleaded guilty at the town’s magistrates’ court to the charge, which relates to an incident on May 9.

Crick was already subject to a six month conditional discharge when the offence occurred.

On May 9 staff at Lloyds bank, on Manor Street, called police about a group of drunken people outside being abusive and swearing.

When police arrived they spoke to the group, including Crick, who swore at an officer.

“He was intoxicated and unsteady on his feet. He smelled strongly of intoxicating liquor,” said Jayne Wilson, prosecuting.

Richard Fowler, mitigating, said Crick took exception to the way he was spoken to by the officer because he had not been swearing or acting improperly and felt he had been targeted.

Mr Fowler said Crick was a gentleman who had struggled for a long time.

“If he did not have alcohol in his system there are very grave concerns that it would lead to a seizure, such is the level of his addiction at this point in his life.”

Crick has sought help from the charity MIND, but until he can get on a rehabilitation programme he needs to be topped up to a certain level of alcohol every day.

“He needs some form of medical intervention, it is a question of when and how and who is going to pay for that,” Mr Fowler said.

He added: “It is not something Mr Crick is proud of but it is his day to day life.”

Magistrates gave Crick a 12 month conditional discharge.