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Neil Hayward-Sampson, St Catherine's Hospice eBay shop manager

Neil Hayward-Sampson, St Catherine's Hospice eBay shop manager

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A CHARITY based in the area has turned to the internet in a bid to boost funds.

St Catherine’s Hospice, which has a shop in Cross Street, Bridlington, is using popular internet auction site eBay to sell donated items - which the charity hope will earn an extra £80,000 a year.

Neil Hayward-Sampson, the hospice’s eBay shop manager, said: “A number of donations can be sold for a lot more on eBay than we would get by selling them in the shops.

“As we are a charity we get our listing and valuation fee back and a good rate through PayPal.”

Neil, who joined the hospice after a career in social housing, has found some gems.

“We had a limited edition glass vase, for example, which was donated and would have fetched £5 in the shop. However, someone bought it on eBay for its true value of £78,”

People can donate items for eBay or at any of the hospice’s shops, or by calling 01723 501601 to have them collected. eBay also offers the opportunity to make a donation to St Catherine’s Hospice.