Century of the Spa

IN 1906 Thomas Spink and his team built the Spa – the original plans have been passed down the family and his great grandson David has loaned them to the Spa to put on public display.

David, accompanied by his wife Faith, went to the theatre on Tuesday to have a guided tour and see the plans, which now form part of a display and are available for members of the public to see until June 17.

F.Spink and Son was established in 1885 and is still going strong today. David did work for the family firm but has since retired.

Although Thomas did not draw up the plans, he was in charge of the building and on completion they were filed in a draw. Many years later they were discovered and have been preserved.

The hand-tinted impressions were by architects Brodrick, Lowther and Walker and show the Spa's exterior facade plus some of the seating in the theatre.

The couple, who live in Shaftesbury Road, have lived in the town all their lives and have fond memories of the Spa.

They recall the balls and summer dances they used to attend and enjoyed watching the dance shows and pantomimes.

Mrs Spink said: "I think the Spa will be as popular as it used to be if it continues to get the dances, balls and concerts, the concerts on Sunday were out of this world."

Mr and Mrs Spink said the Spa was absolutely marvellous and they were looking forward to attending the shows.

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