Benefit battle continues

Aron Shelton
Aron Shelton

FORMER soldier Aron Shelton has admitted to feeling “very nervous” ahead of his tribunal next week.

Aron, 27, of Redwood Close, Bridlington, will attend the tribunal in Scarborough next Thursday in an attempt to have his disability benefit reinstated in full.

Bridlington residents rallied round the young soldier after the Free Press reported that his benefit was slashed and his blue disabled badge taken away, despite him losing a leg in an explosion in Afghanistan and suffering severe arthritis in his other.

Aron is not confident of victory next week but is prepared to take his case to a higher court if necessary.

He said: “I don’t think I’ll get any of my benefit back, but without a shadow of a doubt I will continue fighting.

“They are not going to scare me off because I feel that I am entitled to what I am asking for.”