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Published on Saturday 1 October 2016 04:12

What's It All About?

MV Agusta's F4 has to be seen and then ridden to truly appreciate just how good this bike really is. If looks alone could sell a bike then surely the F4 would sell grates full if it wasn't for the hefty price tag. Nevertheless, as a bike of shear beauty it has few if any peers.

The F4 is the entry level model of a range that includes the F4 R and the outrageous F4RR. It features an uprated 998 inline four short stroke engine from last years F4 RR and an advanced version of the traction-control system from the 675 F3, a fly by wire throttle plus 4 engine modes - Rain, Normal, Sport and Custom but lacks the Ohlins suspension of its more illustrious siblings. The F4 makes do with Marzocchi front forks and a Sachs rear shock. The F4 also lacks the F4R's adjustable steering and variable riding position.

What Does It Cost?

This is where you need to be sitting comfortably. It's a bit like the old adage: 'If you need to ask the price you can't afford it' and it is true here. The MV Agusta F4 has an 'on the road' price of £13,749. It is offered in two colour options of White or Red and Silver.

How Does It Handle?

In a word "brilliantly". This has to be tempered however with the warning that this will not be the most comfortable bike you have ever sat on. There is something about the riding position dimensions of this MV Agusta that can cause your arms, back and legs to ache if ridden over long distances. But hey, if you plan to tour, you wouldn't be looking at buying an F4 would you?

The great thing about the F4's 195bhp engine is the sound. It is truly awesome. This bike is not for the faint-hearted either as it will demand your full attention at all times. It feels firm and committed and needs to be ridden by an experienced pilot to get the best out of its considerable attributes. But for those with the required riding skills and experience, the MV Agusta F4 is a challenging machine with astonishingly impressive performance both in speed and handling.


The MV Agusta F4 has everything you could want from a serious sports bike - looks, style, state-of-the-art engineering and technology as well as the ultimate performance to match. Yes, you do need to know what you are doing on this bike to get the best out of it and the price will deter most but if you are looking for a serious sports bike with the ability to constantly challenge your riding acumen then the MV Agusta F4 certainly ticks all the right boxes?


BIKE: MV Agusta F4

PRICE: £13,749

ENGINE: 998cc 16 valve inline four

WEIGHT: 191kg


POWER: 195bhp

TANK SIZE: 17.0 litres

8th February 2013